2009-09-19 20:21:05 by phantombeast97

Deres alot of medalz out dere for me to catch and decapitate jk. Anyway Im mostly interested in gettin all teh medalz in Ting Ting Areena 3 So far I've only gotz:
Cant wait for it
You can shoot them too
Lazor Ovurload
Buckshot Firestorm
Hasta La vista
Never bring a pistol to a rifle fight
Deciple of woo
Tag,your dead!
Misanthropist and

Medals I need to get :
Abundance of ammunition
Beligeranlty Understated
Fire and Sharpnel,this is my love
Shove it up there nose and pull the trigger
variety kill
Bullet Hose wrangler
Chicago Memoir
Collateral Damage
Corrosive Personality
Cranial Eviscerator
Do yah feel lucky?
Lead Pipe Ninja
Piercing Glare
Shotgun Sniper
Tried em all
Divine Powers



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2009-09-19 20:35:15

Just remember that you need to die to save the medals in the game [not only on your NG page]. In other case you won't be able to get Artifact 19.

phantombeast97 responds:

Duhz I read the guide to the game liek 1,000,000 times