LOL no1 is going to read this since it's nawt imp0rtant.....

2010-10-25 20:34:26 by phantombeast97

LOL I'm back on NG,I submitted a song in the Audio Portal.I think my song is pretty cool since it's techno.............whatever


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2010-10-25 20:45:30

Audio waiting approval.

phantombeast97 responds:

It's up now


2010-10-25 20:45:55

techno is fun to hump guys to

phantombeast97 responds:

Well you feel that way about it but I don't....


2010-10-25 20:55:03

A total of 3 people has read this.

phantombeast97 responds:

Lawl i knew pepol wud ttly reed dis cuz I new